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Iran’s Press TV Messes Up Big Time In Story on Hamedan Province

Given that history is not on their side, mess-ups like this are inevitable

WATCH: Dicky Loses It

Zion Mike has some fun with yesterday's video of Silverstein on Press TV

Richard Silverstein On Palestinian Terrorism: It Is “Very Important”

The man might be a buffoon, but even buffoon's can be evil

Latest Blood Libel: The Case Of Yahiya Sami al-Amudi

What really happened to this 10-year old boy?

Clear And Present Danger: Jim Clancy’s Anti Israel Views

Clancy is returning to disparage Israel and those who would defend it in public.

George Galloway Humiliated On Twitter

Seemed like a good idea at the time?

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

The leader of ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “is an Israeli actor trained by both CIA and Mossad"

Press TV Cage Fight: Gilad Atzmon vs Lee Kaplan

That’s quite a venue to step into and talk sense: but can that audience be swayed?

Hate Jews Much?

"the heir to the British throne put on display his most explicit ever show of allegiance with the jews"

In Case You Still Think Press TV Is Just Anti-Israel

They "forget" to change Jewish to Zionist
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