Picture Of The Day: Dangerous Weapons Edition

I think Israel needs better laws to control dangerous weapons in public, such as on buses.

Soldier knitting with assult rifle on the bus Arnie Draiman

He needs to be careful: he could have someones eye out with those knitting needles!

Great photo by Arnie Draiman

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  • dabney_c

    Rofl! I’ve never seen a man knit before, let alone one with a machine gun. :-D

    • MohammedTheTeddyBear

      Sorry, Dabs dear, the soldier has an M-4 5.56mm Assault Rifle, NOT a machine-gun. 8^) He’s got some interesting additions to it, some sort of long-range scope, an over-barrel tac-light, and what appears to be a bipod with forward grip under the barrel.

      Looks a lot like the one I have at home…….

      • dabney_c

        Tomay-to – Tomah-to. ;-)

      • mak

        It’s clearly not an M4. It’s a designated marksman variant of the MTAR-21.

        • mak

          Or possibly a TAR-21 ‘flat-top’

        • Travis

          It is a Tavor bull pup assault rifle with a scope attached..

      • Ash

        Its a MIcro Tavor-x95 marksman edition with a Trigicon ACOG 3x scope….

  • JRmo

    well I guess no one would make fun of him for knitting

  • MohammedTheTeddyBear

    Personally, I’m 100% impressed that the other civilians in the picture aren’t petrified of him openly brandishing his assault-needles……

  • Mike Lasowsky

    I had an Israeli soldier fall asleep next to me on one of the Egged buses heading north to Nazareth. He had the nozzle of his assault rifle digging into my thigh. Not a particularly comfortable feeling.

    • AussieDave

      I’ve had enough of your trolling here. Ciao!

  • Kyle Prescott

    Awesome. His mom should be proud.

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