Reader Post: There is Only One Policy Left For Israel To Implement

The three murdered teens, from left to right: Naftali Fraenkel, Gil-ad Shaar & Eyal Yifrach

How can it be? 3 wonderful souls, dragged out of our reality and brutally killed. The pain, the anguish – how can their Mothers even begin to bear it? I don’t know, I just can’t fathom it. I don’t know these 3 young adults, but they fit into the same age group as my younger kids. It hits as hard as anything I can remember. I’m so sad, I’m so mad, I can’t contain all the emotions that are built up..

I hate to even talk about something else, but it is there – burning a hole inside of me. We put up with this idiotic policy from one government to the next. It is the reason we continue to lose our loved ones from incident to incident. Let’s be clear here: There is no opportunity for any kind of 2 state peace here. Zero chance. So why do we continue to play this game with the rest of the world? Why do we allow the leftists in our midst to have a voice that is magnitudes louder than their numbers in our society represent? Why do we put up with successive right wing governments that enact left wing policies? It is literally killing us.

A government is supposed to reflect the will of the people. When was the last time that happened? We continue to get the “wisdom” of Shimon Peres crammed down our collective throats. The first thing that Bibi does is give Livni the Ministry of Justice and the chief negotiator position? Why? Why would he do this and why would we put up with it? We are not going to be cowed into listening to the nations any longer. We are not going to give any credence to the leftist ideology any longer. It’s over, finally.

We have a way forward here. Annex all of Yehuda v’Shomron. ALL OF IT. The local Arabs that live there have 3 choices: Live with us in peace, move somewhere else or die defending your cause. There will be a period of violence, but what do you think our 3 sons just endured? What? We should continue to allow our Sons and Daughters to pay the price to salve our need to be one with the rest of the world? Just look at the results in the last year. Sleeping on the bus, going to a job interview, going home with a work colleague – any of these activities can end up with death. Ours. Never theirs. Let that sink in.

It is time to finish this charade. We allow the government to tell us that we cannot pray on Har Habayit. That we cannot even ascend it. Who’s in charge here, because they need to get fired – and now. If you don’t have the stones for the job, leave it or be shown the door.

I will be attending the funeral of the boys in my hometown of Modiin today, along with other members of my family and friends. I am grateful that the boys were able to realize the the mitzvah of living in Eretz Yisrael. I’m grateful for the boys families, who have shown so much strength throughout this ordeal. We are indebted to you forever for the sacrifice that was taken from you.

Things are not going to go back to “normal”. We refuse to be put back into the box that has been containing us for so long now. If this form of government doesn’t have the ability to do that which we want it to do, then it is time to replace this form of government.

Please God, give us the ability to discern your will and the strength to carry it out.

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There is Only One Policy Left For Israel To Implement | BlazingCatFur
25 September 2014 at 4:09am
[…] How can it be? 3 wonderful souls, dragged out of our reality and brutally ...

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  • walt kovacs

    the only problem is…..oslo

    an evil document that never should have existed because those who wrote it didnt learn from the errors made post ww1

    but the oslo accords do exist and therefore the above will never happen

    • Yonatan_Maccabim

      It would be easier to abrogate Oslo than it would be to effect annexation. They already abrogated Oslo, we’re just following suit.

  • rsfan1

    Well said. Not annexing Judea and Samaria was one of, if not the biggest, Israeli mistake. Why fight for it, have Jews die for it, and then give it up for some b.s. peace treaty that will never be respected?

  • fizziks

    I don’t think annexing the whole thing is a good idea. It is extremely dangerous.

    If the “Palestinian” Arabs of Judea and Samaria will choose the first option you listed then the Jewish majority in Israel will be down to ~60%. Throw in Haredi anti-Zionsits and left wing anti-Zionists and we could be looking at the first anti-Zionist coalition government. Then that government will annex Gaza and Jews will be a minority. Game over.

    • Yonatan_Maccabim

      There aren’t as many Arabs living in Yehuda v’Shomron as you thing there are. Most of them will not be offered citizenship, but resident alien status. They can vote in their local elections, but not nationally unless that can get citizenship. Just like Puerto Rico.

      • Inessa

        If they are not going to get citizenship (and I don’t believe they should), then there won’t be much of a difference from the current “status quo”. I’m not sure if that’s worth while losing lives for. Also, if they don’t have citizen rights etc, who funds them?

        • Yonatan_Maccabim

          Who funds Puerto Ricans?

          We are losing lives now. How will it be any different, except that we will take control and eliminate Hamas.

          • fizziks

            It seems like you are not advocating annexation really but just a return to pre-Oslo. Annexation means that the “Palestinian” population would either have to be given citizenship or expelled. The former is a disaster because of the reasons I outlined above. The later, while arguably a cosmically just solution in light of everything that has transpired in the past 60+ years, is simply impossible.

            A return to pre-Oslo, where the area is under Israeli administration without the PA does not have the immediate dangers as the other two options but it is long-term untenable. There are no good options here, but continuation of the status quo is probably the least bad option.

            • Yonatan_Maccabim

              OK, lets place the options and their conclusions on the table.

              Option 1 – Live with us in peace. Some of them will opt for this, they are welcome.

              Option 2 – Move somewhere else. Many will pick option 1 and end up with option 2 later on in the process.

              Option 3 – Die for their cause. Again many will pretend to opt for option 1 but end up with option 3.

              In the end, it will be as it must be. Why put off the inevitable? Deal with reality and stop with the political games. It’s not real.

              • mzk1_1

                Given Israeli ROE, there are many other options, like continuing terror.

    • mzk1_1

      Most (?) Chareidi anti-Zionists, and I include myself among their number, are a lot more pro-Israel than a lot of people who call themselves Zionists. And the ones who are really anti-Israel don’t vote.

      I suggest looking at the political positions of Mishpacha (officially anti-Zionist, rabidly pro-Israel) or Hamodia as an example. On the other hand, most of the left-wingers call themselves Zionists.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We need the Escape from New York Scenario. Corral the Jews you can in all the Israeli controlled Areas which are almost all of them bedroom communities of Jerusalem anyway. Build a massive electrified mine field wall around the rest, cut all shared infrastructure services like water power gas sewer and fuel as well as all municipal services like the post office, trash, fire, police, EMS, medical, road paving. Toss the keys over your shoulder and walk the hell away.

    • Yonatan_Maccabim

      Try it. You could be one of those written about in the Tanach. Maybe I’ll be one of those that finds your bones and marks them for burial. Or not.

  • Sergio סרחיו

    Yesterday about 400 people demonstrated in Madrid in support of Israel. Here you can see the pictures:ña/fotos-en-madrid-de-la-concentración-de-solidaridad-con-israel-y-con-las-familias/741592262548989

    (If the link doesn’t work, then search “Israel en España” in Facebook and you will see the pictures on the embassy’s page)

  • Sergio סרחיו

    Israel shouldn’t annex Yehuda veShomron. The result could be the death of Israel as a Jewish state (the end of Israel) and a serious threat to Israel’s security. My solution would be more checkpoints and stop giving permits to young Palestinian men and women to enter Israel or Area C.

    The idea is not to let these kind of Palestinians be close to Jews in Yehuda veShomron. There is no problem with the old ones, because they have not strength enough to kidnap or kill any Jew. The anti-Israel crowd will call it “apartheid”, as they always do, but at least Jews would be secure and these tragedies would not happen.

  • Federale

    Time for the Palis to feel the Wrath of God.

  • Esther

    Great article well done. And the power to carry it out.

  • Art Deco

    What Conor Cruise O’Brien said. There is no solution, there is only security. Security can be had by controlling ingress and egress and patrols which protect the Jewish population. You do not need to get into the weeds and expense of patrolling Arab towns and villages. In a generation or two, the Arabs might decide to bargain for a better future. Until then, all you can do is keep your walls in good repair and your powder dry.

  • mzk1_1

    Why do we put up with it? Because we are not an independent state. Read the first three verses of the haftorah. THAT describes an independent state – after the messiah comes.

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