Arab Women Be Careful


There are reports of riots now in Jerusalem.

But I do not hear anything. No helicopters overhead, no sirens.

While, Israel haters are out for blood in the media today.

Yesterday, what I saw was nothing like what they spew.

On my way to Modiin for the overwhelming funeral of Eyal, Gilad and Naftali,

image Palestinian woman, photo Arab woman

I saw this Arab woman walking near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station.

Why did I stop rushing to my ride to take a photo of her?

image Jerusalem bus stop

This is the bus stop that was blown up two years ago and a woman was killed.

Yesterday reminded me of being on my way to the Fogel funeral.

All of Israel was furious at the brutal murder of sleeping children and family.

And also an Arab woman was alone at the same bus stop.

Spew away Israel haters, the Arab women know they are safe in Jerusalem, Israel,

as long as their suicide bomber friends are not around.


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