Canada: The Moral Equivocating Is BS

Dear President Obama,

Please visit Canada and become an intern for the Canadian government.

You may learn something.

flag-pins-canada-israelJuly 12, 2014 – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today issued the following statement:

“Canada rejects UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay’s uncalled-for criticism of Israel’s response to rocket attacks from Gaza. Focusing her comments on Israel is neither helpful nor reflective of the reality of this crisis.

“There must be no moral equivalence between Hamas, a listed terrorist organization, and its blatant disregard for human life, and the liberal democratic State of Israel’s duty and obligation to defend its people from cowardly and indiscriminate attacks.

“Canada mourns the death and suffering of innocent civilians in Gaza. Responsibility rests solely with Hamas and its allies, who launched and continue to feed this crisis.

“The Israel Defense Forces have taken extraordinary steps to reduce civilian casualties in very difficult and trying conditions. Israel should be commended—not criticized—for these efforts in the face of an enemy clearly determined to put civilians, from both sides, in mortal danger to suit its own purposes.

“Canada calls on Hamas and other militant groups to end the rocket attacks on Israel and bring an end to the ongoing violence that threatens the lives of innocent Israelis and Palestinians. The path chosen by Hamas and its allies does not lead to peace.”

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Glad you can still take a shot at Obama while you’re under attack by rocket fire from Hamas. Stay safe, Dave.

    • unpluggged

      Are you threatening us?

      • Jim from Iowa

        What on earth are you talking about?

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Obama has indeed expressed support for Israelis under fire at this time. What he doesn’t get is that the simple ceasefire he proposes does nothing to solve the underlying problem or bring the region closer to peace. Instead, he should be encouraging Israel to finish the military job so that a fresh start at bringing about peace could be made without the threat of rockets. As I have said many times, the diplomats of the “international community” are lunatics who keep doing the same things over and over while expecting different results every time.

      • Alan N. Sussman

        So, what kind of support is that? He should be acknowledging that Hamas is one of many terrorist organizations, that Israel is a law abiding democracy and advise them Israel will destroy them if they don’t change their ways.

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