Lunatic Israel Haters Harass Pro-Israel Girl In Melbourne

CapturemelbThis took place yesterday, 19th July 2014, in Melbourne Australia.

A large group of Anti-Israeli thugs were at a rally when a lone Pro-Israel girl showed her face with an Israeli flag. They proceeded to shout at her while chasing her and then instead of engaging in dialogue, they did what ever Anti-Israel hater does….they harassed her and ripped her flag from her hands. I am sure if the police were not there, they would have harmed her.

It is typical of these people to behave this way.

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  • juvanya

    What causes this?

    • Hellinahandcart


  • Yorgus

    Give me a reason as to why many countries and their people hate Israel? Not liking a country Is one thing. Might be its foreign policy that someone chooses to disagree with. But hatred… Why?

    The whole world is

    • walt kovacs

      eisav soneh et yaakov

      occasionally G-d has to remind us about this

      the 3 weeks is a very good time

    • Jack Harris

      In my opinion hating Israel comes from hatred of Jews. So why do people hate Jews? I believe the answer is envy. Jews are intelligent, family orientated, charitable and usually wealthy. These attributes make them successful and thus a target of envy. The fact that non-Jews have for centuries been fed the lie that Jesus was killed by Jews is also a compounding factor.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I wonder if there’s a way to coat a flag is some kind of sticky substance so that when they try to grab it you throw it over them and wrap them in so they have to run around swaddled in an Israeli flag. Or maybe just spray it with smallpox.

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