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5 Reasons The “Antisemitism or Anti-Israel” Distinction Is Irrelevant

Stop looking for the antisemite in a room full of Israel haters. They're all the same.

Anti-Israel Professors Gone Wild!

Concerned mother of student at major university tries to video lecture by Omar Barghouti. You won't believe what happened next.

This Week In Anti Israel Music

Crank up your speakers!

Top 8 Images Anti-Israel Groups Need To Stop Using

These pictures would be quite effective if they didn't expose your gross ignorance of history.

Not One Rocket

Not once does the word "rockets" appear in Antony (Tony) Lerman's New York Times indictment of Israel.

Lunatic Israel Haters Harass Pro-Israel Girl In Melbourne

They keep proving how much they are not interested in intelligent dialogue.

Antisemitic Pro-Hamas Rally In Berlin

If you are Pro-Hamas, you are Pro-Jew Hatred...It's a proven fact.

Violent Muslim Mob Assaults Peaceful Pro-Israel Protesters In Calgary

Anti-Israelis have no argument, so they resort to violence...

Arabs In Yaffo Tel Aviv Celebrate Hamas Rocket Fire On Israel

...while taking advantage of the protective measures we have in place for all citizens!

Hillel, York, And The Lady From Wichita, Kansas

A mural constituting incitement to genocide deemed no big deal by Hillel or by a Federation representative from Wichita, Kansas, the mother of two college students.

Sky News Arabia, Still The Same Old Story

Sky News Arabia once again hosts anti-Israel cartoons, curtailing their claim of impartiality


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