Large Pro-Israel Rally In Kensington London

Yesterday afternoon in Kensington London there was a large Pro-Israel rally outside of the Israeli Embassy, which was organized by the Zionist Federation in London.

A friend of mine attended this rally and took these pics and video you see below. He mentioned that there was no trouble at all, it was peaceful and it was a great show of support.

He also mentioned that some of the best lines shouted out at the rally were:
“We Want Peace, They want War”
“More Hummus, Less Hamas”

They also played rocket alert sirens at the rally which is the first time air-raid sirens were last heard in London since World War 2.

This video is a compilation of all the videos he took throughout the day.






Thanks Lee Nahum for the great videos and pictures and thanks London for the huge show of support.


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  • Davieboy

    I was there, it was a great atmosphere, we all felt so happy that we could try to actually do something and show some support. I’m sure even the police on duty enjoyed it, it was so friendly and positive, full of smiles and songs. Of course the BBC will ignore it, which is why we have to rely on other sources to find out what really goes on. So thanks for this amazing site and all the work you do here!

  • Herb Glatter

    What? No rocks thrown? No tyres set on fire? No hate messages on signs? Thanks for posting this important story, Am Yisrael Chai now and forever

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  • filter

    Wonderful to see this! Tired of the muslim hatred getting all the attention, but sadly only a few MSM are covering this.

    BTW, had to use a proxy server to get to your site, GOOGLE CA is blocking your site on my end.
    Bing on the other hand has it FIRST on the list!

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