Buttu Bing, Buttu Boom

Two weeks after being destroyed by CNN’s Jake Tapper, former PLO adviser Diana Buttu get’s destroyed by UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer.

That demolition of her lies was so one-sided, it must be a war crime.

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  • dabney_c

    How did Buttu get destroyed here? If anything, she and Van Esveld were given twice the platform, as well as the full respect of the interviewer. Whenever Hillel started to make a little too much sense, he was unceremoniously interrupted by the interviewer who “got his point” before allowing Hillel to finish a thought. This was yet another revolting display by the fakety-fake-fake “concerned” media and “human rights” folks, who love to wag their finger at big, bad, satanic, career-war-criminal, Israel. Ugh.

    • Baba Wawa

      I agree. And he spent some of his time refuting the “Israel hates gays” thing. That was not the issue here. I went on the AJ website and gave them a piece of my mind about it. Not even a pretense of impartiality.

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    Buttu shouldn’t be on that panel, b/c clearly she says she is not representing PLO but herself. lol

  • walt kovacs

    she pretty much destroys herself with her ranting

    but why is everyone, including neuer, giving the hrw ahole, a pass

    he may speak softly, but his lies are as loud as butto’s

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Human Rights Watch is an oxymoron.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Contrast this with Sean Hannity destroying a similar spokesman as Buttu. Hannity kept asking him if Hamas is a terrorist organization, yes or no, and he wouldn’t answer the question.

  • Asher

    It doesn’t look like she can take much more

  • Asher

    Such Epic Ownage

  • Asher

    Such Epic Ownage

  • The reader

    I must ask how can HRW still be considered a valid ‘human rights’ organization.

    In 2009 their division head for the Middle East and North Africa, Sarah Leah Whitson, was fundraising from the Saudi’s on the basis that their reports were highly critical of Israel.



    And from their website, she is still the head of that division.


    Meaning that she is that man’s boss and is the guiding force one what is focused on by HRW reports on this and previous wars.

  • Floridagal322

    Why oh why can’t you let the Palestinians live in peace? Must you kill them all? The babies, women, old, disabled, entire families to be sure that bloodline is finished? Why must you shout that pregnant Palestinian women must be massacred so they will bear no more “snakes” as you call
    Palestinian babies? Many Jews were targeted in the same way by Hitler. Can you not remember that pain and show some humanity to Palestinians rather than cage them in Occupied Territories rather than their own nation, destroy their economy, starve them, keep medical supplies away,, destroy their homes, churches, mosques, schools, businesses and then when they flee in terror to UN buildings bomb those too and kill more Palestinians and those who would try to give them food, shelter, vvbomb Red Cross personnel and ambulances. I know there are
    Israelis who are as appalled by their government’s bloodletting as those of us who reject apartheid and ethnic cleansing of the present Israeli government.

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