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Finnish Reporter Upset Her Report Undermined Hamas

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Yesterday, we were one of the first to post the video of the Finnish reporter admitting Hamas had been launching rockets from Shifa hospital.

It has since gone viral, with news outlets like Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post picking it up (with no attribution to Tundra Tabloids as the source, of course, because that’s how they roll).

The reporter in question, Aishi Zidan, probably surprised her report went beyond Finland, has posted the following on Facebook.


I have not seen any pro-Israel sites using this video as “an as an excuse to target civilians in Gaza.” We, for one, have been very clear about how we are saddened by the deaths of all civilians, as well as the fact that Gazan civilians have not been targeted (as evidenced by the casualties analysis). Zidan’s admission on camera served to show what we know to be true – Hamas are hiding behind Gazan civilians while they fire rockets at Israeli ones.

By posting this ugly screed, Zidan has confirmed something else: there are journalists deliberately skewering the truth and adopting the Hamas narrative.

“Don’t use me as your propaganda weapon..because I am already Hamas'”

Hat tip: Lisa

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