Future Darwin Award Winner: Rocket Man

The anti-Israel crowd are sharing the following video of an old palestinian man in Hebron, with a cardboard rocket and a hell of a death wish.

While the video was clearly posted for propaganda purposes, I have no problem posting about it because it shows how the soldiers go out of their way not to shoot him or even manhandle him, despite his running interference for the stone-throwing rioters.

Not to mention how even a “little old man” can casually support rockets being fired at Israeli civilians.

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  • Inessa

    Couldn’t they straight jacket him and cart him to a mental health facility?

  • cba

    I’m guessing at his age he’s probably already reproduced, so he’d be ineligible for a Darwin Award.

    Also, as you point out, he’s pretty damned sure the Israeli soldiers aren’t going to do anything to him.

    • dabney

      Just like when the little children raise their fists and scream at IDF gun-toting soldiers. The only people who seem to understand that the IDF is not a crazed genocidal baby-killing machine are the Palestinians themselves.

    • ruth rosenstock

      b-b-ut…the Evil Zionist Joo soldiers hate all Arabs! there must be a reason they aren’t killing him. perhaps they are viciously marginalizing him and attacking his self-esteem by pretending not to be scared by his cardboard rocket.

      I offer this suggestion to people like “@Gaza Princesssss,” who on twitter called me an “ugly whore” because I support Israel.

  • walt kovacs

    i wouldve given him his wish for shahid and stomped his guts into the ground

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