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The “Humiliation”

Anti-Israel Facebook page Quds News Network decries the "humiliation" of a young palestinian man.

David Ben-Gurion on Hebron’s Religious Significance to the Jewish People

Ben-Gurion was asked to write the introduction to the book Sefer Hebron (The Book of Hebron) by Oded Avisar (1970), and this is what he wrote

WATCH: BDS-Holes Get Taste of their Own Medicine

Two European BDS-holess apparently thought they would film and harass IDF soldiers standing guard in Hebron. What they did not anticipate was Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg giving them a taste of their own medicine

Another Libel? The Case of the Fire Truck Delay

I believe this is yet another pernicious lie

Latest Libel: Hebron Settlers Call to Break Into Mosque

Fresh from their last libel (which they quietly deleted after I caught them and broadcast it) Quds News Network have posted yet another libel about Jews

Latest Libel: The 4-Year-Old Boy Shot By The IDF

A number of Israel haters have posted on social media photos of a child supposedly shot by the IDF - even using it to justify terrorism

Legal Adviser of Multinational Force in Hebron Assaults 10-Year-Old Jewish Kid

Slapping 10-year-old kids does not seem to be part of the job description

Latest Blood Libel: The Car Ramming Settler

Yet another (presumably deliberate) lie by people who do not have truth or morality on their side

Today’s Blood Libel: The Case of the ‘Detained’ Palestinian Child

A number of Israel hate sites are disseminating a video that does not seem to show what they are claiming it shows
child throwing stones in Hebron

“Cute” Little Kid Throwing Stones

Do you find this cute?

WATCH: Israeli UNESCO Ambassador’s Surreal Speech

Make sure you watch until the end for the zinger

WATCH: Binyamin Netanyahu Rips Into UN…By Quoting Torah

This is the first time I recall the PM donning a kippa during a weekly cabinet meeting and quoting from the Torah


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