How Much Does A George Gallow Weigh?

Enough to break my b@$%s…

The other day, I sent a general enquiry to the UK Equality Advisory regarding George Galloway’s proclamation that the town of Bradford will be Israeli free.

Here it is:

Today I received this reply:

MP Bradford West, George Galloway just claimed his town an “Israeli free zone”, …
 Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (Nabeela Kerun) 11/08/2014 12:57
Date: 11.08.14
Reference Number: 140807-000080
Subject: Discrimination
Dear Joseph Smythe,
Thank you for contacting the Equality Advisory & Support Service (EASS) with your email.
Please be aware that the EASS provides individuals with advice and guidance on the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998. We advise individuals who believe that they have been discriminated against because of a protected characteristic, and those who believe their human rights have been breached. If legal advice is sought on the strengths or merits of a case, it is advised that you consult with an appropriate lawyer/solicitor.
I understand from your email that George Galloway has claimed Bradford to be an ‘Israeli free zone’ by not accepting anything associated with Israel. If this is extended to also include tourists, it may be directly discriminating against an individual or a group of people due to their race.
Race under the Equality Act 2010 includes an individuals colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins.
Direct discrimination under the Equality Act 2010 occurs where an individual was treated less favourably because of their protected characteristic. With direct discrimination, you may wish to apply the 2 stage test to help infer discrimination has occurred.
Stage 1. What was the less favourable treatment? – This may be the decision made by the MP to claim Bradford as a Israeli free zone and preventing Israeli tourists from visiting.
Stage 2: Was the less favourable treatment because of the protected characteristic? In this stage a comparator may be used, this comparator would be someone of a different race in the same/similar situation. If the comparator is treated more favourably this would infer direct discrimination due to the individuals race.
In addition, you may wish to consider whether the MP has ceased the trade of Israeli products in Bradford or whether the MP is preventing Israeli tourists from visiting Bradford and declaring it an ‘Israeli free zone’. If it is the latter, you may wish to consider whether this decision was based on prejudice and whether the protected characteristic of race played a more than minor or trivial role in the decision and action taken.
Our service can provide advice and guidance based on the information provided, therefore, in order to gain further advice on the Equality Act 2010, you may wish to probe further into this and make a formal complaint against the MP by following the link
If you require any further advice/guidance, please do not hesitate in contacting the service and quoting your reference number.
Equality Advisory Support Service
You can also contact us by telephone and textphone
Telephone – 0808 800 0082
Textphone – 0808 800 0084
For regular updates about our service follow us on:


I left all the personal stuff in (except I used a totally lame pseudonym) in case you want to make any enquiries yourself.

As suggested in the above response, we would need to apply the “2 stage test”. George Galloway fails this test dismally.

So, evil Zionists of the UK! Go pay Bradford a friendly visit! Flash your flags, and show your passports! Just like Mandy here! And see how they treat you compared to others.


More pics of Israelis in Bradford, let’s keep em coming!

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  • Steven Cohen

    Some people went to Bradford with Israeli flags. According to the Police wehave made many complaints about him and hope to see him charged with incitement of racial hatred. I have also contacted the Parliamentary Standards Ombudsman about Galloway, Millibum and Warsi

    • Art Deco

      What we certainly do not need is legislation which proscribes views out of sync with the political class, legal profession, and academe. Those will be turned against the benign as well as the malicious.

      We need to limit restrictions on speech and publication to civil defamation, fraud, obscenity, and public order offenses in which disturbances are created on the street in real time (disorderly conduct, harassment, and sedition).

  • bossman

    I live in Bradford and I’m genuinely suprised that they weren’t harassed and even assaulted. It does look like they went at a very, very quiet time though, the water feature picture for example… It’s usually very busy around that area.

  • cba

    Maybe this was just a sneaky plan on Galloway’s part to INCREASE tourist visits to Bradford?

  • Travis

    George Galloway reminds me of William Joyce (“Lord Haw-Haw”).

  • One4Zion

    Pretty vague from this organisation. Also notice the person that replied is called Nabeela? Arab maybe? mmmhhh…
    But kudos for taking the time to conctact them Deebo.

  • The Bobcat

    If he said Bradford would be a “Japanese” or a “Mexican” free zone, everyone would be rightfully outraged. If you want to piss him off, tweet him!

  • LJ Spivak

    I’m kind of hoping Mandy didn’t spend any money while she was visiting Breadford though. An Israel-free zone should definitely be free of Israeli money.

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