What’s The Name Of That Thing That Shoots Down Rockets?

We’ve spoken of not much else for the last few weeks.

Yes, it’s Iron Dome or in Hebrew: “kipat barzel” literally “iron yarmulke” (the little skull cap Jews wear is called a “kippa” or a “yarmulke” though the root of the word is purely descriptive of the domed shape and not of religious significance.).

So if this phrase is so commonly said, why does this happen:

I have no idea either.

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  • cba

    No, no, you’re mishearing. They’re not saying Kipat er… Barzel. It’s a nickname and they’re saying Kipaty Barzel.


  • http://anneinpt.wordpress.com/ anneinpt

    LOL. It’s just the Israeli way of talking. Adding “… Eehh…” to every sentence. It’s a way of gaining thinking time. My husband can do a brilliant imitation. :-D

    • walt kovacs

      its like what canadians do…eh

      • ScottAdler

        No, the Canadians, like the Australians, like to turn ordinary declarative sentences into questions —

        It looks like rain, eh?

        It looks like rain, I reckon?

  • Whirmalimerimpalim

    Perhaps there is a misconception and some believe it is the combover of former president of the Bundestag, Rainer Barzel.

    Kipat R. Barzel


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