Shh, Israeli Codes Conspiracy


Brian of London’s post on getting girls into studying the sciences, followed by Aussie Dave’s wedding post were inspirational.

They inspired me to share about an Israeli coding conspiracy I discovered last night. Hardly under the radar, rather it happens way above the Tel Aviv streets.

She codes; is a community of over 7,500 female software developers, with a goal to reach 50% female software developers in the Israeli hi-tech industry within a decade.

Google Campus in TLV

She codes(tlv); meets every Sunday evening at the Google Campus, on the 34th floor, overlooking Tel Aviv.

Google view of Tel Aviv

Each HackNight is a 3-4 hours freestyle coding session in which developers are invited to work on any coding project, learn to code, or learn a new language, while enjoying the hacking atmosphere, and networking with other women developers.

women techies

Shh, she codes. Watch out guys.

I love it. Go girls go!


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