Quantico Goes The Israel-Bashing Route


The other day, I tweeted a call for TV show recommendations (I had just finished watching Ray Donovan – watch it if you haven’t already!).

One show that was repeatedly mentioned as worthwhile was Quantico.

The series follows a group of young FBI recruits; each has a specific reason for joining. Flashbacks detail their previous lives, while the recruits battle their way through training at the academy in Quantico, Virginia. However, the series will reveal in a flash forward twist that one of the recruits, upon graduating from the academy, will be suspected of masterminding the biggest terror attack on New York City since the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Sounds interesting, and I was definitely considering it.

Until today. Per NewsBusters:

When in doubt, blame Israel. In a show whose writers’ have already called military veterans unstable, and fantasized about an anti-abortion bomb plot, this sudden shift across the ocean to bash the Jewish state may be abrupt, but it’s hardly unexpected. Faced with his imminent expulsion, Simon reveals that he hides his true self from the world because it’s the only way he can cope with the atrocities he committed in the Gaza Strip on behalf of the Israeli Defense Forces.

This reminds me of the time another show recommended to me – Spooks – went the Israel demonization path.

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