WATCH: Christians To Israel “You Are Not Alone”


I just love this.

I know there are a fair share of Jews who are uncomfortable with the Christian support for Israel. Some cannot get past Christian history, while others feel that there is an agenda at work – one that involves bringing on the messiah they believe in (and which us Jews do not).

I personally welcome having the support of my Christian friends. It does not concern me that they believe in a different end of times scenario than us. If we are secure enough in our beliefs, then it should not matter.

Those who do bother me are the ones missionizing against Jews. What they are doing is really very wrong. Thankfully, I do not believe this is the case with the vast majority of Christians supporting Israel.

Whether or not you want to admit it, there is a religious war going on in the world. Fundamentalism Muslims are trying to reestablish an Islamic caliphate and supplant western civilization. Having Christians on our side to aid in the fight against this (and may I add some Muslims) is only a good thing.

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