Samoan Parliament Member: “Whatever Happens to Israel, We Should Always Support That Government”


I hope this doesn’t make Micronesia jealous.

Alaiasa Sepulona Moananu, the Samoan Parliament member who made the call

A member of the Samoan Parliament has called on his country to unequivocally back Israel “in the face of growing hostility against God’s people from other countries in the world,” the Samoa Observer reported on Tuesday.

“I strongly urge our government that whatever happens to Israel, we should always support that government,” MP Alaiasa Sepulona Moananu — who represents Anoama’a East — said. “We have to.”

“The God upon whom Samoa is founded is the God of the Bible,” Alaiasa went on to say. “If we go back to theology, he is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and from them comes Jesus Christ whom we believe.”

Israel and Samoa established diplomatic relations in 1977. According to the Israeli Embassy in New Zealand, the Jewish state and Samoa have “endeavored to address challenges in the areas of sustainable development, human rights, poverty, terrorism, transnational crime and indeed, climate change and sea level rise, which is an issue of importance and urgency in the Pacific region.”

I’d add this: In 1991, Samoa was one of the sponsors of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 46/86, revoking the infamous determination in Resolution 3379, which had called Zionism a form of racism.

Meanwhile, here is one reason I am glad Samoa has our back.


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