The Media Taught ISIS How To Fight


This is a big story in the New York Times: New ISIS Tactic: Gather Mosul’s Civilians, Then Lure an Airstrike.

Every single article the media ever wrote about “disproportionate” civilian casualties in Gaza at the hands of the IDF or alleging the same, through quotes of notoriously unreliable “Palestinian sources”, made this ISIS tactic inevitable.

It was always obvious to non-partisan observers that Hamas tried to maximise their own civilian casualties and always tried to declare the deaths of their terrorists as civilians. This nearly always won them uncritically positive reporting.

Now another brand of Islamic Jihadi terrorists are using the same tricks. Only fools or those who believe the old media could be surprised.

These are the fatal results of lethal journalism. Well done press, you’re as complicit in the murder of civilians as anyone could possibly be who wasn’t pulling the triggers.

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