Antisemites Call For My Arrest


This morning, I noticed this tweet being retweeted by assorted scum and villainy, including the Gaza Boat Convoy.

My “crime”? Exposing the antisemitic posts of so-called “anti-Zionists” – in this case, this piece of work.

Note what I have done with such posts – shone a light on these haters’ own social media posts espousing the worst kinds of Jew hatred. I do not call for any violence or anything of the kind against them. I just expose them in order to show how so often “criticism of Israel” is really coming from a place of Jew hatred.

Incidentally, Gaza Boat Convoy – who retweeted this call to arrest me – is just as bad as the antisemite Sheri Tompkins I exposed in the post to which I liked above.

This is their Twitter banner:

The Nazi-era, antisemitic octopus is a really nice touch, don’t you think?

And they tweet and retweet things like this:

If anyone should be arrested, it should be them – for this racial vilification, as well as promotion of violence.

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