Call Guinness World Records, World’s Oldest Person (Palestinian) Found

1426 least according to this Jordanian man

By my calculations, grandma is at least 3000 years old (and I am not the only one to do the math). I have so many questions. Like, what is your secret to longevity: Abstinence? Whisky? Focusing all your energy on hating Israel?

And what was Joshua like? King David? His son King Solomon? Inquiring minds want to know!

Update: Looks like our Jordanian friend deleted his tweet about grandma, so that Guinness World Records will not be broken. At least not yet.

Update: In 2012, there were claims of a 124-year-old palestinian woman. But she did not make the record books because she refused to remove her hijab (Muslim headscarf) for a television appearance as stipulated by Guinness. You can’t make this up (actually, you can).

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