Al Jazeera Readers Rejoice Over Hurricane Irma


Al Jazeera has posted a report about Hurricane Irma turning Miami into a ghost town.

What I want to draw your attention to are the reactions of many Al Jazeera readers. As of the time of this post, the video has elicited 10K reactions, of which:

  • 247 are ‘Laughter’ emoticons
  • 219 are ‘Love’ emoticons
  • 9.8K are ‘Likes’ (which does not necessarily mean they all ‘Liked’ the fact the hurricane is hitting Miami, but I am willing to be it is a significant percentage)


And naturally, there are many comments along these lines

This is the level to which so many Muslims hate us – and by us, I mean the US, Israel and the West in general.

And these are the people to which Al Jazeera caters.

Hat tip: Yahya

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