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Amnesty International Researcher Who Sicced Hamas on to Peace Activist Complains of Boredom in...

(Former?) Amnesty researcher and journalist Hind Khoudary is in Turkey, complaining to Al Jizz about her boredom

Al Jazeera Disseminates The Very Flood Libel It Had Already Admitted Was Nonsense

Al Jazeera Balkans reports as fact something Al Jazeera had already debunked

WATCH: AJ+ Exposed

Raheem Kassam of Prager University exposes AJ+, the "hip" version of Al Jizz, and the nefarious people backing it. 

WATCH: Some More Crazy Examples of Al Jazeera Antisemitism

In my previous post on Al Jizz, I mentioned a number of examples of their antisemitism. It turns out, there are plenty more crazy examples from their employees.

Al Jazeera Claims It Suspended Journalists Behind Antisemitic Video, Has Code of Ethics

In the wake of antisemitic-video-gate, Al Jizz has announced that it suspended two of its journalists.

WATCH: The Vile, Antisemitic Video Al Jazeera Tried to Hide From Western Audiences

I posted about it yesterday, and despite the efforts of Al Jizz to hide their antisemitism from Western audiences, MEMRI has come through

Al Jizz Arabic Puts Out Horrendously Antisemitic Video About the Holocaust

Al Jizz gets caught getting their antisemitism on

Antisemitic Blood Libel Disseminator Marc Lamont Hill Defends Ilhan Omar Against Antisemitism Charges

In their infinite wisdom, AJ+ have released this video of Marc Lamont Hill defending Rep. Ilhan Omar against charges of antisemitism.

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda Starring ‘Photogenic’ Shirtless Rioter

Remember A’ed Abu Amro aka Triple A, the palestinian rioter who George Takei crushed on, and who claimed we injured him because he is photogenic? Al Jizz apparently agree he is photogenic, so they did a short propaganda video on him.

Propaganda Fail of the Day: An Israeli in a Palestinian’s Cab

Another own goal for Al Jizz

Al Jizz Editor Looks for Some Invented Antisemitism, Ignores The Real Examples Closer to...

If Ms Safdar wants to find some good old fashioned antisemitism, I don't think she needs to look as far as the Daily Mail.

Al Jazeera’s Way of Commemorating Kristallnacht

AJ+, the "woke" branch of Al Jazeera, posted this video yesterday

The Latest Case of Palestinian “Choose Your Own Adventure” Storytelling

The case of Muhammad Zain al-Jaabari involves multiple palestinian versions. As usual.

MUST WATCH: Gaza’s Thriving Economy

It actually makes me almost want to visit. Alas, the bloodthirsty terrorists and Hitler store kind of put me off.


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