Hypocrite! Antisemitic Rutgers Professor Michael Chikindas Worked Until Recently With Israeli Bodies


This is priceless, and I am ashamed to admit it is something I missed the first time when I outed him as an antisemite, but some of my commenters did notice.

There are some pretty interesting items on Michael Chikindas’ resume! (and no, I did not hack it. The link is publicly available here)

In other words, this clear hater of Jews and the Jewish state has had no problem presumably accepting jobs and money from us.

In addition, his resume reveals that in 1993, he was very active accepting work in Israel as an invited lecturer/visiting scientist to

  • The Department of Food Engineering and Biotechnology at Israel’s Technion
  • Research and Development at Naharya Dairy Strauss, Naharya, Israel
  • Department of Biochemistry and Human Nutrition at Hebrew University of
  • Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel

In addition, he attended the Eighth International Congress of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology of International Union of Microbiological Societies in Jerusalem in 1996.

So while he shows his hatred of Israel and Jews and disseminates memes about the supposed Jewish love of money, Chikindas has until very recently been more than willing to accept money from us!

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