Simon Hickey, The Aussie Neo Nazi Who Can’t Separate Business From Jew Hatred


Yesterday, reader Gabriel messaged me

I came across the website below searching for secondhand air cons and appears to be some antisemite that might need exposing…3/4 way down the page to do with air conditioning there is a banner for the Daily Stormer, and there is some Hebrew text about Hitler at the very footer of that page

Sure enough, I could not believe my eyes. On a business page for air conditioners, sticking out like a sore thumb, were some Neo Nazi items: a picture of Henry Ford and an ad for the Daily Stormer.

Then at the very bottom of the page, whoever was responsible had clearly used Google translate to (poorly) come up with a sentence in Hebrew.

What they were clearly trying to say (but did so in terrible Hebrew) was:

The lying media are traitors and will soon be swimming to Israel.

All hail Trump. We avenge the death of Adolf Hitler

At this point, I did not discount the site being hacked. But when I checked their Facebook page, I discovered something was off. I mean, what kind of business would have posts like this:

Then there was this comment left on the Facebook page:

And this one:

This Bernard Christian character seems to be an antisemite

At this point, I took the phone number at the top of the air conditioner website (0411 739 333) and entered it into Google. This led me to the Smerff Electrical website

Yup, this was no hack. This was a cocky antisemite business owner.

Googling ‘Smerff Electrical’, I was actually surprised to discover the Daily Mail had outed the Jew hater responsible earlier this year.


Neo-Nazi electrician whose business logo features Pepe the Frog in a SS uniform at Auschwitz revealed as the sole sponsor of extreme right-wing website ‘Daily Stormer’

A Brisbane tradesmen is believed to be the sole corporate sponsor of one of the world’s most notorious neo-Nazi websites, the ‘Daily Stormer’.

The logo for Simon Hickey’s company Smerff Electrical features alt-right symbol Pepe the Frog dressed in a Nazi SS uniform guarding the Auschwitz concentration camp.

In response to questions, Mr Hickey said a ‘slanderous’ Daily Mail Australia report would not affect his business.

Last month, Daily Stormer’s Andrew Angil wrote a blog post announcing Smerff Electrical was the website’s first corporate sponsor, Brisbane Times first reported.

‘I also want proudly [sic] announce that we have our first corporate sponsor – Smerff Electrical of Brisbane, Australia,’ Mr Angil wrote on February 3.

‘Hit these guys up for all of your electrical needs.’

Daily Stormer republished a message from the business owner, which finished: ‘1488 Hail Victory.’

The number 88 means ‘heil Hitler’. The number 14 refers to the 14 words: ‘We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.’

The Smerf Electrical website describes itself as an ‘official sponsor’ of Daily Stormer.

Mr Hickey told Daily Mail Australia the reports would not damage his business.

‘Have a wonderful day … you won’t affect Smerff Electrical,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Truth sounds like hate, only to those who hate the truth.’

So it seems this Simon Hickey is the business proprietor behind both Smerff Electrical and Airconditioning Expert.

But hopefully not for long.

Hickey has the right to express his vile views, even (stupidly) on his business website.

And we have the right to exercise our right to express the view that this is not someone you want to do business with. Unless you want some of your money going towards Neo Nazi endeavors.

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