When it Rains in Gaza, It Pours…Propaganda


It has begun to rain more heavily here in Israel, which means, among other things, posts like this from the palestinians and their supporters

Now granted I am no engineer, but I think if you built thousands of these (up to 30 meters deep and up to 800 meters in length)

then you had the materials, time and money to have instead built adequate infrastructure to handle rainfall. Heck, you could also have built bomb shelters – like Israel has – for your civilians to run to when you fire rockets (on which you also spent much time, money and resources) into Israel and try to draw us into a response.

Nope, Gaza’s predicament is not because of the (non-existent) siege. It is because the terrorists running the place are more interested in investing in infrastructure for terrorism and blaming the resultant miserable consequences on Israel, than actually helping their people.

And with such leaders, peace with the palestinian Arabs is a pipe dream.

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