Algemeiner CEO and Editor-In-Chief Dovid Efune Wrongly Takes Credit For Exposing Michael Chikindas


Israellycool readers will already be familiar with antisemitic professor Michael Chikindas, who I exposed on here a month ago. The story was subsequently picked up by others, including Jewish publication The Algemeiner, and even the mainstream media. And while the prospects of this Jew hater losing his job is not looking promising, I am proud of my role in bringing this to public attention.

I work hard to expose the Jew haters as part of my “anti-Zionist-not-antisemite” series, and it takes a personal toll. Unlike Canary Mission, who go to great lengths to remain anonymous while exposing the Jew haters, my real identity is no secret. So as a result of my work, I have been targeted by the antisemites, who try to take vengeance on me, including spreading libels about me (even to my employer), making fun of my wife’s cancer, and, in Chikindas’ case, accusing me of hacking.

So forgive me for taking offense and making a big deal about others trying to take credit for my work (presumably for the honor or even to attract donors). Others like Dov Efune, CEO and Editor-In-Chief of The Algemeiner:

President Barchi rightly noted that the controversies facing the three members of his faculty staff originated with exposés published by The Algemeiner – but his goal wasn’t to offer a vote of thanks to Shiri Moshe, our reputable journalist who brought these vital issues to the public attention. Instead, his intention was clearly to disparage, undermine and delegitimize our reporting. And on what basis? On the basis that the stories had originated in a Jewish newspaper.

Efune knows the truth because I reminded him on Twitter and in the comments to his report. (I want to point out that their journalist Shiri Moshe has been careful to credit me in her reports on the saga, and I very much appreciate and respect this).

Unfortunately, this is not the first time one of the “bigger boys” has tried to steal a scoop for themselves. Even with the Chikindas’ story, Tablet mag (yes, those in no position to write about antisemitism) had a piece on him not originally acknowledging the fact I exposed him. After I insisted it be corrected, the author of the piece John-Paul Pagano made it happen. Yet for some reason, he did not feel the need to mention Israellycool in his Medium piece on the topic, which seems to take credit for his exposure.

Enough is enough.

I am placing these larger, donor-driven outlets on notice that if they rip stories from me or any other of the “little guys”, I will utilize the fact I have a large readership to name and shame.

And if you want to help me continue doing what I am doing, please consider donating – especially if you already support the likes of The Algemeiner or Tablet. I simply wouldn’t ask if the support wasn’t needed to keep things running.


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