Palestinians Set Fire to Fuel Pipes and Humanitarian Aid Facilities


In the latest example of biting the hand that feeds them, palestinian rioters yesterday vandalized and set ablaze the pipes that carry fuel and gas, as well as several facilities that provide humanitarian aid for the well-being of Gaza residents, provided by the State of Israel and other countries from around the world.

Remember, dozens of trucks carrying merchandise and equipment have been entering the Gaza Strip every week for years, in addition to fuel and gas that are pumped to the Gaza Strip for the use of its residents. Given Hamas is orchestrating these riots, they are directly acting against the welfare of their own people.

Of course, like the boy who killed his parents and then pleaded for leniency from the court on the grounds he was an orphan, so too will the palestinians complain of a shortage of fuel and goods in short supply, thanks to their latest exploits.

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