Palestinians Caught Lying About Iconic Photo


It keeps happening. Almost every day, I find the palestinians and their supporters lying, distorting and embellishing in order to advance their narrative and agenda.

Here’s the latest example:

This photo was taken by photographer John Phillips of Life Magazine. The original caption was:

A 13-yr-old Arab boy lying dead on street of Haifa while flies swarm over him. May 01, 1948

It is unclear how the boy died (while I would assume during fighting, the Battle of Haifa ended April 22nd, and this body does not seem 10 or more days old). Be that as it may, the lie being perpetuated by Quds News Network is the claim that it shows “Two armed Zionists appear stealing some furniture from the Palestinian houses while walking beside dead Palestinians.”

The men walking by carrying something are clearly, judging by their uniforms, British soldiers, not “Zionists.” Don’t believe me? There are plenty of photos online of British soldiers in Palestine at the time; here are some examples. Meanwhile, this is what the Haganah fighters in Haifa looked like (and even this seemingly pro-palestinian writer refers to the “British soldier” in the photo).

Remember, if history and facts were on their side, they wouldn’t need to lie like this. Unfortunately, they can usually get away with it because most people do not bother investigating their claims, and actually want to believe their narrative, in which the Jews are the bad guys.

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