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Thursday, July 28, 2016
Tags Fatah

Tag: Fatah

Hamas-Fatah Smackdown Watch

Yeah, keep the popcorn handy

Popcorn Time

Just weeks after a Hamas-Islamic Jihad smackdown comes news of more internal terrorist organization strife

Palestinians Feel Deprived

..of a nuke

How Today’s Terror Victim And Terrorist Are Remembered

Today's terror victim, Eviatar Borovsky, is remembered as a gentle soul. Fatah remembers his murderer as a hero

Hamas Does Hasbara

That moment when Hamas' internal propaganda backfires

The Atlantic Jump In On Fatah’s 48 Years Of Terror

Whitewashing, whitewashing everywhere.

Israellycool Get Results From CNN, But They Still Fail

Now they just publish pure PLO history revisionism

48 Ways To Whitewash Fatah Terrorism

And how fact-checking was killed by intellectual terrorism

Darwin Award Candidates Of The Day

Shock, Drop, and blame Israel

48 Years Later, Moderate Fatah Is Still A Terrorist Organization

Fatah celebrates 48 years since their first terrorist attack, in terrorist fashion.

Fatah’s New Logo Shows Peace A No-Go

Let's have a look at the recently released logo for the 48th anniversary of our "peace partner" Fatah

Shirley Temper Mourns Her Palestinian Policeman Relative

Remember Shirley Temper, the blonde palestinian girl and Pallywood darling? She's back in the news, this time mourning her brother.
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