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Palestinian Child Abuse Most Horrid

I am disgusted they would resort to exploiting their children like this, but not at all surprised

Palestinian Day of Rage Shenanigans

A running list of some of the "shenanigans" that the palestinians have been up to in response to Donald Trump's announcement

Truth is Not a Luxury

Another anti-Israel lie debunked

Italy Denies Entry to Terrorist Leila Khaled

And boy are her supporters fuming

WATCH: Palestinian Ambassador to U.K: As A Student I Hit Israeli For Claiming Falafel...

Palestinian Ambassador to the U.K. Manuel Hassassian has a few "SS"'s in his name, and it seems appropriate

How Old Are You Jibril Rajoub? Twelve?

The PFA Chairman, terror supporter, and former terrorist in boastful child mode

Book Culture Promoting Book Glorifying Palestinian Violence & Terrorism

P is for Palestine is as bad as it sounds

WATCH: Saeb Erekat Threatens US Administration

The palestinians are fuming following US threats to close the PLO office in Washington 

Things You Need To Know About Terrorist Who Perpetrated Yesterday’s Car-Ramming Attack in Israel

In addition to the fact attack happened - since MSM ignored it

FIFA’s FU To Palestinian Football Association

FIFA is not amused

Pro-Israel Poster: Why The 2014 Peace Talks Failed

The international community's reaction to the collapse of the 2014 peace talks just shows that the world is truly upside-down.

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