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Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

A number of anti-Israel sites and social media channels are running the story of 17-year old palestinian Mohammed Mosabeh, who was allegedly injured in one of the "March of Return" riots, and lost his leg

Latest Palestinian “Cultural Appropriation”

While the palestinians and their supporters are constantly complaining that we appropriate elements of their culture, the opposite is true

WATCH: Palestine’s Got Talent!

I realize Eurovision dominated our posts yesterday, so time to move on to another competition show: Palestine's Got Talent.

What Was a Deaf & Mute Palestinian Teen Doing at Violent Riots?

The death of palestinian teen Tahrir Wahba from wounds sustained at recent "March of Return" riots, is instructive

Palestinians Despairing Israel Withdrew From Gaza (Making It Harder to Maim Us)

Some palestinians are in despair because - wait for it - Israel withdrew from Gaza, making it harder for them to hurt our soldiers!

Latest Blood Libel: IDF “Butterfly” Bullets

A number of Israel haters are posting a photo of some very scary looking bullets, supposedly used by the IDF. Except they are not

Latest Palestinian Propaganda Poster Child: Onion Boy!

Move over Shirley Temper! There is a new palestinian propaganda child in town. And unlike you, he has a prop!

Palestinian News Agency Recycles Blood Libel

Quds News Network has posted about another supposed crime of the Zionists earlier today

Latest Blood Libel: Israel Used White Phosphorus or Chemical Weapons on Rioters

In the wake of Friday's violent "March of Return" riots, some palestinians and their supporters have claimed Israel was using white phosphorus or other chemical weapons on the rioters

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda Video of the Day

PAL+ English - which seems to specialize in ridiculous palestinian propaganda videos - has come out with yet another ridiculous palestinian propaganda video.

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