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The Palestinian Information Center Posts Another Own Goal

The haters continue trying to find pretexts to demonize us, but only succeed in doing the opposite

WATCH: How The Palestinian “Cat Man” Story Should Have Been Represented

Yesterday's palestinian "Cat Man" story really inspired me - to mock it even more! Heck, I cannot resist a ridiculous propaganda attempt

Hilarious Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Cat Man!

Meet Ghassan Refai, or, as he is known to others, Abu Haraira (Father of the Kittens). But that's not even the hilarious part.

WATCH: British Muslim Cleric: Palestinians Are Suffering Because Young Muslims Are Having Premarital Sex

A British Muslim cleric has worked out why the palestinians are suffering.

How the Palestinian Authority Teaches Math to Fourth-Graders

Israel's Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories has posted on Facebook the following disturbing example from a 4th grade palestinian textbook

Today’s Blood Libel: The Case of the ‘Detained’ Palestinian Child

A number of Israel hate sites are disseminating a video that does not seem to show what they are claiming it shows

Who Wore it Better?

We've seen some priceless reactions recently. Which begs the question....who wore it better?

WATCH: Palestinian UN Delegation’s Response to Nikki Haley (Updated)

So this was the response of the Palestinian representative at the UN today, to Nikki Haley announcing that US will be cutting aid to the palestinians

Latest Palestinian Appropriation of Jewish Culture

The palestinians are constantly accusing Israel of cultural appropriation - but look what they've gone ahead and done

WATCH: Palestinians Suffering From Premature Enragulation

Everyone knows Friday is supposed to the Day of Rage. So why were these palestinians getting their rage on today, Tuesday?

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