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Bad Moments in Palestinian Pickup Lines

Old and busted: "Jihad me at hello"

Latest Libel: The “Assault” of the Palestinian With Down Syndrome

The palestinians and their supporters are claiming Israeli soldiers assaulted a palestinian with Down Syndrome. Yet as usual, they cannot stick to one story

Where Was The Outrage With The Palestinian Basic Law?

I do not recall there being any uproar over the Palestinian Basic Law. Go figure.

The Kite Runner

The other side would have everyone believe these are harmless kids toys being launched by peaceful protesters

To The Palestinians, Bad Propaganda is Child’s Play

The latest contrived propaganda to come out of Gaza

The Death of a Palestinian Boy You Likely Won’t Read About in Mainstream Media

Today, 13-year-old palestinian Louay Ahmad Hassan was killed. But you aren't, and probably won't, hear about it in the mainstream media

My People Are Under Fire

There is real evil that sits on the footsteps of our Jewish state - evil that if unleashed, will cover the land with darkness and death

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: The Perennial Failer

Meet the 75-year-old palestinian woman who only just passed her high school exams.

WATCH: Saudi Man to Palestinians: “Go To Hell, You and Your Issue”

This young Saudi man seems to typify much of the growing sentiment in the Arab and Muslim world regarding attitudes towards the palestinians

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