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BDS Movement Accuses Israel of Exploiting Bollywood, But Must Have Us Confused for Hamas

The BDS movement needn't look past their heroes for actual Bollywood exploitation

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal”: Breakfast Edition

Quds News Network have posted this video of an "authentic palestinian breakfast." But as the video itself (inadvertently) explains, it is not authentically "palestinian" at all.

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

The palestinians have found yet another thing to take from us and claim as their own

WATCH: The World’s Support of the Palestinians Symbolized In A Video

This video spoke to me, and not just because I am Aussie

Evidence of Mossad Cloud Tampering in Other Photo of “Iconic” Palestinian Rioter

This photo has the haters on cloud nine. Little do they know, but it seems to show evidence of some Mossad cloud tampering

“Iconic” Shirtless Palestinian Rioter Claims He Was Targeted For Being Photogenic

The "iconic" shirtless palestinian rioter aka Triple A, who was supposed injured last week, is claiming he was deliberately targeted by Israel....because he takes good photo.

Palestinians: Hands off Our Snake

Old and busted: You stole our food New hotness: You stole our snake!

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day: Halloween Edition

You have to hand it to the palestinians. There isn't a propaganda angle they won't try

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

Via the reliably idiotic Quds News Network

Star Trek’s George Takei Glorifies Terrorism

George Takei has gone too far this time

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