Poster-Ripper Hafiza Khalique Whining and Begging For Money After Suffering Consequences of her Vile Actions

Back in October, barely two weeks after Hamas committed its atrocities, NYU students were filmed ripping down posters of hostages held by barbaric Hamas terrorists.

One of those students identified was Hafiza Khalique, who seemed to particularly enjoy herself.

But like so many antisemites before her, she has learned the FAFO principle, and is now whining about suffering the consequences:

Sounds terrible. And by terrible I mean nothing compared the what those hostages have been enduring at the hands of Hamas.

And if this whine-fest was not enough, Khalique is schnorring for money.

My name is Hafiza Khalique and I am a first-year student seeking help after racist doxxing, Islamophobia, intimidation, targeted smear campaigns, and now, suspension from my university, New York University.

On October 11th, 2023, I took down inflammatory, university unaffiliated fliers which were created and used to normalize Israel’s genocide against Palestinians. At that time after October 7, over 1,000 Palestinians had been killed – these posters were used as a tool to justify the U.S. orchestrated and U.S. backed genocide of Palestinians. Its primary intention was to provoke students, and it worked. That very night, photos and videos circulated social media, and by the next morning, right-wing media, news outlets, influencers, celebrities, and zionist platforms were calling for my firing, expulsion, deportation, and death. Another student called for my doxxing and published a petition demanding that all of us be expelled. I received racist, sexist, fatphobic, Islamophobic, disturbing and vile messages on every platform. My photos and videos were broadcasted live on right-wing news outlets such as Fox News and the Megyn Kelly show, putting my life in imminent danger.

As a result, I was forced to drop most of my classes for my physical and mental safety, due to the fact that I received no accommodations or support. NYU reassured me that suspension and expulsion were not being considered at the time of my hearing and prior to my hearing. However, they went back on their word. On November 13, I was suspended by NYU despite the racist doxxing, harassment, intimidation, and physical threats because of “relevant university stakeholders.” During a time of need for support, my university abandoned me all while discriminately targeting and disciplining me.

As a first-year student, my entire college experience thus far has been any Muslim student’s nightmare. Due to the hostile environment NYU has created, along with its lack of protection and regard for its Muslim, Palestinian, and Arab students, I will no longer be attending this university. I need help raising funds to continue higher education due to financial barriers. Please help me raise funds to cover costs for therapy, application fees, tuition, housing, and all educational expenses abroad. Any unused funds will be directly given to Palestinian liberation organizers and students that are in need of mutual aid due to doxxing or organizing.

As a community organizer, I am fully committed to continuing to fight for Palestinian liberation no matter where I access higher education. I would like your support to continue the work and to continue my education elsewhere. Thank you all so much for your consideration and support.

In solidarity,

Hafiza Khalique

That’s right. She is raising money for therapy, among other things. What a cheek.

As for educational expenses abroad, one can only guess which terror haven she will be studying in. Probably not Gaza.

*F-ck around, find out

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