Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Tag: Terrorism

Terror Or The Egg

Some people would like you to believe that terrorism is a result of "the occupation," there's only one problem with that: the timeline.
Mahmoud Abbas

All Palestinians Are Against Terrorism

But that word does not mean what they think it means

Ali Abunimah Doubles Down Defending Hamas

Abumination again defends Hamas terrorists

Why Does The PA Still Participate In Security Coordination With Israel?

Just because Abbas has maintain security coordination with Israel does not mean he is a partner or peace.

Imagine…There’s No Moral Inversion

Cartoonist Pablo Stanley demonizes Israel. But heaven forbid he demonize the terrorists!

The Ongoing Failure Of Global Journalism

Leaving out critical background information is the mark of propagandists, not credible journalists.

The Victims Of The World’s Best Teacher’s Terrorist Husband

Hanan al-Hroub may be "the world's best teacher" but her husband was a terrorist with Jewish blood on his hands

The Daily Mail Blows Up Palestinian Terror Funding

Probably one of the most significant articles about Israel in the UK press for years.

Palestinian Role Models: Teachers Or Terrorists

While the international community may celebrate teachers, Palestinian society celebrates a different profession

Drop In Palestinian Support For Stabbing Attacks..To “Only” 58%

A drop..but a majority still support them
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