Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Palestinian Role Models: Teachers Or Terrorists

While the international community may celebrate teachers, Palestinian society celebrates a different profession

Drop In Palestinian Support For Stabbing Attacks..To “Only” 58%

A drop..but a majority still support them
full protective gear for soldier on Route 60

Forward Going Backward

Foul winds and foul media bias

Ali Abunimah Whines About Aussie Visa Troubles, But Seems To Fail Character Requirements

Abumination should be denied a visa to enter Australia to spread his propaganda and I explain why

Shirley Temper’s Father/Terror Supporter Bassem Tamimi Has US Visa Revoked

Here's hoping this all provides setbacks for this bad man and his supporters

The BDS Connection To Terrorism

Has BDS done anything positive yet?

A Piece Of The Action

The PA refuse to accept money for their terrorists - unless they get a piece of the action first.

Know Your History: Sabena Hijacking Rescue Operation, 1972

When the NY times was in awe of Israel's daring

This Day In History By Hamasholes

Hamas wants you to know what happened on this day in history. So do we.

WATCH: Q&A On Terrorism

An interesting discussion

Vassar, We Have A Problem

Blatant terror support at Vassar College

Chris Gunness’ Bizarre, Obvious Lie

It seems Chris cannot keep track of his porky pies
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