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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Shot In The Back For Guarding A Mosque

It’s hard to say this attack had nothing to do with Islam.

Hatem By Name, Hate’Em By Nature

More on Hatem Bazian's Jew hatred and calls for terror

What Can London Learn From How Jerusalem Fights The Third Modern Jihad Uprising

We tolerate this in Jerusalem and Israel because they is so precious to us: how much do you love your country and your cities?

Reems Bakery Tries To Discredit Opponents of Terror Mural

More dishonesty from Reem Assil

UK Police Launch Investigation Into al Quds Day Hatefest

For possible hate crimes and contravention of UK terror laws

Reem’s Bakery In California: Where A Terrorist Stares Down At You From The Wall

This leaves a sour dough taste in my mouth

What The Finsbury Park Attack May Mean

Jews and Israelis have acted with unbelievable restraint for a century.

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