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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Fried Green Hamashole

Hamas terrorist Hani Shlouf may not have been much of a honey, but he did just go for a permanent shluff

Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Being Deported From US on September 19

It's official: terrorist Rasmea Odeh's deportation from the US is this week

Sunnyvale 5th Graders Taught on 9-11 That Israel ‘Belonged to the Muslims’

This is what the 5th grade of Louis E. Stocklmeir Elementary School in Sunnyvale, CA were learning on 9-11
child throwing stones in Hebron

“Cute” Little Kid Throwing Stones

Do you find this cute?

Diablo Magazine Includes Terror Supporter Reem Assil in its ’40 Under 40′

Reem Assil gets more good publicity

Outgoing EU Ambassador: ‘Israel Has Much to Learn From Us in War on Terror’

Thanks but not thanks, Mr Faaborg-Andersen

Crucial Facts About Latest Palestinian Terrorist Attack You May Have Missed

No matter how much they say they want "Palestine", it has nothing on Paradise.

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