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Friday, October 20, 2017
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Crucial Facts About Latest Palestinian Terrorist Attack You May Have Missed

No matter how much they say they want "Palestine", it has nothing on Paradise.

Israeli Supreme Court Reduces Sentence of Mini-Jihadi-Cum-Walking Dead

Ahmed Manasra has had his sentence for attempted murder reduced from 12 years to 9.5 years

16 Years On: Hamas Celebrates Sbarro Restaurant Massacre

In case anyone wonders why there is no peace

More Australian Capitulation To Islamic Terrorism

Disturbing news from the old country, with the second capitulation to terror in a week

What’s Best For Our Children

Too many people pontificate that Israelis and Palestinians both just want what's best for our children

MUST WATCH: The Dignity Of Michal Salomon, Wife of Halamish Terror Victim Elad

This amazing, dignified woman is the face of Israel.

Blogger Richard Silverstein Condones Murder of The Salomons

Silverstein reaches rock bottom

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