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Turning On The Lights For Coptic Christians In Egypt

If this happens any faster there will need to be a strobe light warning on our town hall

WATCH: Palestinians Resent Israeli Leftists Protesting With Them

When will these leftists realize "From the river to the sea" means they are also earmarked for destruction?

WATCH: Trump Anti-Terrorism Speech in Saudi Arabia, And My Observations

Video of the speech, followed by my comments

Israeli Condemned For Defending Himself After Almost Being Lynched

When the condemnation is directed at the wrong party
Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority Incriminates Itself

The PA can either be a terrorist or a war criminal. They chose war criminal.

Daily Mail Once Again Shines Spotlight On PA Terror Funding

Britain's Daily Mail has come out with a new damning report on PA terror funding

Latest Example Of Palestinian Terrorists Exploiting Our Humanitarian Gestures

Just when you think they can't go any lower..they do.

Dear Hannah

A letter to terror victim Hannah Bladon

Ultimate Chutzpah: Rasmea Odeh Protests Against “Unfriendly Skies”

You can't make this up (and if you did, The Onion would hire you in a heartbeat)

New Gaza Board Game Teaches Terrorism To Kids

It are things like this that guarantee we won't have peace anytime soon

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