Being Saved From Our Enemies


This from WorldNetDaily:

Dov Lior, the top rabbi in Israel, is calling on Jews to place a greater emphasis on the Temple Mount and the Jewish laws.

Lior, who heads the Council of Yesha Rabbis, said during a rabbinical conference sponsored by the Ariel Institute and the Chief Rabbinate that ascending the Temple Mount while adhering to the Torah laws governing such a visit can “save us from our enemies.”

While I agree with Rabbi Lior that we should be allowed to visit the Temple Mount, I do not know what he means when he says that such a visit will “save us from our enemies”. Is he referring to a miracle? In order for us to be saved from our enemies, we need to maintain our Jewish faith, defend ourselves and hit hard those who are trying to kill us.

By the way (and I say this in no way to impugn the reputation of Rabbi Lior), he is not the “top Rabbi” in Israel. The chief Rabbis are Rabbi Yona Metzger and Rabbi Shlomo Amar.

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