First Female Flight Instructor


Maariv has a story on something that I guarantee you will never see in a Muslim country.

Lt. Roni, who became the first female combat pilot in the history of the Israeli Air Force two and a half years ago, is about to write another page in IDF history. The 23-year-old fighter will soon become the first female flight instructor in the Air Force flight academy.

Training the next generation of air force pilots in the flight academy is a job reserved only for the most outstanding pilots. Roni recently began the flight instructorsí course. When she finishes in a few months she will be officially certified as a full-fledged flight instructor.

Parallel to her new job Roni will continue flying as a combat pilot. Sources in the Air Force believe in Roni and are happy in her success. “The role of instructor is reserved for the very best pilots, and Roni certainly meets the standards,” they say. “She is truly an outstanding pilot who has already successfully pushed many limits, and there is no doubt she will succeed in the next job”.

This story was brought to you from the racist and sexist State of Israel.

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