Wife of Willie Sees the Light


It seems as though the wife of suspected French terrorist Willie Brigitte has come to her senses.

The Sydney wife of suspected terrorist Willie Brigitte will still try to visit her French husband, despite conceding he had duped her and may have been planning a terrorist attack in Australia.

Melanie Brown retracted her support for her 35-year-old husband after listening for four days to French authorities, who presented her with the case against Brigitte, The Australian newspaper said.


By the time Ms Brown was released by French authorities she was starting to express anger towards her husband, and she told officials she would return immediately to Australia.

But the newspaper said it understood that, during the weekend, she had changed her mind and was thinking she instead would approach her husband herself for an explanation of his behaviour.

That is the thing about terrorists. If they are willing to murder innocent people, then why would it be so hard to believe that they are capable of lying?

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