Sprung! Part Two

After my post from yesterday, Yobbo has joined the chorus of bloggers voicing their disenchantment with the racist views of Australian blogger “Niall” Cook.

This has prompted Cook to issue a direct challenge to yours truly.

At the risk of actually giving these reprobates any advertising they don’t deserve, I felt it necessary to take issue with this literary fecal matter by some of the more pathetic among the Australian blogging community. I’ll simply say this….. I was the one involved in the incident, and I vented my feelings on the matter as I saw fit in my blog and photolog. I’m eminently comfortable with the manner and means of that expression, and would do it again tomorrow, were some other slimy little slitty-eyed vietnamese sh*t to sideswipe my car in peak-hour traffic and abscond without so much as a ‘by-your-leave’ in english. I’m not politically correct, never have been and never will be. I call ’em as I see ’em and if that offends the sensibilities of the likes of this ilk, then so much the better. Get off your University educated arses and experience the real world for once. It’s NOT politically correct, as much as your blinders would have you believe it to be.

To the ‘Frozen Israelite’ I challenge you to prove beyond doubt that I am anti-semitic. An anti-semite is defined as:

One who discriminates against or who is hostile toward or prejudiced against Jews.

I have not now, nor ever been discriminatory towards the Jews, the Jewish culture or the state of Israel. I disagree with many of that State’s political stands, just as I disagree with many Palestinian efforts, but that does not make me anti-semitic. I also disagree with many, many other things in my daily life, but that doesn’t make me specifically ‘anti-anything’. So, Dave, I challenge you to find any evidence throughout my writings which clearly displays me to be anti-semitic in terms of the above definition. You won’t be able to, because I’m simply not anti-semitic. Politically incorrect, yes, and bloody proud of it. Outspoken, yes, and I will continue to be until breathe no longer fills my lungs. Unlike you, I’m unafraid to say what I feel. If that part of my personality offends, then so be it. It is you who take the offence, not I.

I do not want to waste much time responding to Cook’s challenge, since at the end of the day, whether or not he is anti-Semitic is not of huge significance to the world. Also, I cited examples in my previous post to support my opinion. But in the interests of making things simple for Cook, I’ll summarize my reasoning on the basis that anti-Semitism is “hostility directed at Jews solely because they are Jews. It expresses itself as dislike or hatred for Jews, prejudice against Jews or Jewish beliefs or customs.”

1. You criticize Israelis right to defend themselves from being killed.

2. You have expressed the view that the media is scared to criticize Jews. Besides being wrong, this statement smells of the old stereotype of Jews running the media. Maybe I am being overly sensitive – but maybe I am not.

3. In the same post, you expressed the view that the “Israeli nation” wants genocide for the Palestinian nation. Once you generalize in this manner, you are approaching “prejudice against Jews” territory.

While 1,2 and 3 point to possible anti-Semitism, the following casts these comments in a new light, and strongly indicates that you are anti-Semitic:

4. You had this say about the comments of Michael Talismann (here is more on this individual):

I think Mike sums up my own feelings with equal eloquence.

And here are some excerpts of what you said “sums up your feelings with equal eloquence”:

Has there been a ruling by the International Israelite Corporation’s Judiciary Council?—-

[Judaism] is made manifest in its adherents in a manner that is unlike the other the other silly monotheistic jabberers.


However, Judaism draws my special attention/venom because it is a faith/ideology/race/business that is devotedly anti-Humanist and anti-Universalist. It belongs back in the Iron Age someplace, where adherence to the tribe was everything. The world has moved on, and sh*t, if the Catholics can make some changes, so should the International Israelite Corporation.


[Judaism] has all the hallmarks of a classic Multi-National. It is intensely adversely opposed to external examination, its “membership” as well as its “professional cadre” are unusually clannish and tribalistic in self-perception, and rather xenophobic when it comes to all non-employees. Yet tremendous effort is made by ├Čemployees├« of all levels, all around the world, to paint it in a very different light. And it has its own national headquarters.

And yes, the religion is mired in Anti-Humanistic precepts. I mean, look at the constant emphasis placed on Jewish-intermarriage. There is a deep-seated fear of the “other” in this religion that does not compare (statistically at the very least) in the other major religions. Islam is a close second in this respect, I will grant you that much. But they at least have never had a specific religious tradition that involved decrying Jesus Christ as some kind of evil demon, and are therefore often more accepting of a Christian/Muslim lovematch than are 99.9% of Orthodox Jews.


The Jewish faith is anachronistic, self-centred, dated, and should be hurled upon the scrap-heap of history. Not the people now–be clear about that. Just the ideas; ideas that I find to be very insular, rather bigoted, and hinting at an innate Jewish racial superiority over the “Goyim”.

Hey, the Talmud is a bloody old book. Back then, people were backward and Xenophobic. It is to be expected. So simply chuck the book in the bin, or at least totally remove those passages that are silly.


What’s my point? My point is that you guys know that the sayings contained there are wrong, you know what their real meanings are, yet you still observe and respect them as part of your faith.


It is the practice that I distain, it is inappropriate in this modern age, it is deceptive in form and it is elitist in character.


Hey, I mock tons of people on my site. If your official faith-spreaders can’t handle a little ribbing, then maybe their flock shouldn’t have rather hypocritically come up with so many “Pope” jokes either.

5. Your latest tirade indicates that you are not averse to hating someone because of their race.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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