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first Jerusalem Unity Prize

Video: Jerusalem Unity Prize

Unity Prize seeks meaning from tragedy
Two Muslim women at Hebrew U getting phd

Photo of the Day: New Doctors

Congrats, Mazel tov and Mabruk!
Haim Cohen from video

Must Watch Video: What’s Cooking Now

No child should be left in car, certainly not after this
Balloons released on Chord Bridge during ALEh march

Photos of the Day: Israel’s Special Kids

A celebration of life in Jerusalem
Dr Lev operate on victim and terrorist

The Real Doctors Without Borders

Let world know of real doctors without borders
sheep crossing the road

Photo of the Day: Caption This One

We were at traffic light, it turned green and then this happened

Dick and Duke

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has had his crowning moment: being cited by rabid anti-Semite David Duke. (hat tip: GabysPoppy) Of course, it is hardly surprising,...

That Lying Old Coot: Caught in the Act

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein has once thumbed his nose at the truth. In a comment* to this post that "Arabs walk around in perfect...

The Silverstein Treatment

Another blogger has received the "Richard Silverstein" treatment and has blogged about it here. The first time I visited his site, he tried to blame...

Look Who’s Blogging

Would you believe the Prime Minister's Office? (hat tip: Backspin) Well, technically, I guess it isn't really a blog. But try telling that to the...

Coming After the Bloggers

I've been so caught up with my liveblogging that I almost missed this story: an Israeli blogger has been interrogated by the Shin Bet. His...

He Said It

In a post entitled "Ya Gotta Love That Google Algorithm" anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein had this to say: We've all heard about that vaunted Google...

Vote for EoZ Dhimmi of the Year

On my Elder of Ziyon blog I've been conducting a contest to see who will be the 2007 Dhimmi of the Year. The voting...

Close But No Cigar

Heck, for a second there I thought I made the New York Times.
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