Islam the Dominant Religion in UK? Part 2

Further to this post comes word that Britain’s elites are converting to Islam.

According to a report by IslamOnLine, an Islamic website, 14,000 of England’s ‘elite’ have already converted to Islam, with more on the way.

The report cites ëthe first authoritative study of the phenomenon’ carried out by the Sunday Times on February 22, reporting that “some of Britain’s top landowners, celebrities and the offspring of senior establishment figures” have converted to Islam in recent years.

The Times study was carried out by Yahya (formerly Jonathan) Birt, himself a Muslim convert, who is the son of Lord Birt, the former director-general of the BBC. He used a breakdown of the latest census figures to conclude that there is a major migration from Christianity to Islam taking place in England, with 14,200 converts to date.

Birt is quoted as arguing that an inspirational figure similar to the American Muslim convert Malcolm X, would first have to emerge before the next stage ñ a mass conversion among Britons ñ were to happen. “You need great transitional figures to translate something alien (like Islam) into the vernacular,” Birt was quoted by the Times as saying. Professor Birt received his doctorate at Oxford University on young British Muslims.

Emma Clark, the great-granddaughter of a British prime minister also converted to Islam. Emma, whose ancestor Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, took Britain into the First World War, commented on her conversion saying, “We’re all the rage, I hope itís not a passing fashion.”

Rage is a good word for it actually.

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