Have you ever wondered why women seem to crave chocolate more than men? I did, and I think I stumbled on to the answer:

Why are women more addicted to chocolate then men? The answer may lie in hormones. Chocolate eating in women may be an unconscious attempt to keep hormone levels more steady. Women report that they have a an increased frequency of craving for high fat, pleasant tasting food including chocolate around their menses. This may be due to the higher levels of progesterone at that time. Progesterone is a female hormone that is important in ovulation and in the menstrual cycle. Progesterone is thought to induce fat storage and a drop of the level of fat in your blood may prompt a craving for fat.

Whether or not this is a scientific fact is open to debate. What is an undeniable fact, though, is that chocolate has a power over some women. So much so much so, that they are willing to compromise their principles, just to enjoy the sweet taste sensation.

Female security prisoners at the Neve Tirza prison were caught breaking the hunger strike Saturday when they were seen eating chocolates, Army Radio reported. Prison officers saw the female prisoners take out chocolates they had hidden inside a shrub in the garden where prisoners are allowed to walk and exercise. Searches in the shrub revealed jam, salt, and more chocolate. Prison officials confiscated the items. Dozens of security prisoners broke their hunger strike over the weekend. Some of them underwent medical examinations.

Then again, I guess that this story points more to the tenuous nature of the PLO Arab prisoners’ principles, rather than the power of chocolate over women.

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