Return of the Killer Tonge

Do you remember Jenny Tonge, the British MP who stated that she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she were a PLO Arab? Well, she is up to her old antics again, this time doing her darndest to support the terrorists against the “occupation” Iraq (hat tip: Serenade).

The stop the War Coalition was accused yesterday of supporting the killers of the British hostage Ken Bigley after it drew up a draft statement saying the Iraqi people should use “whatever means they find necessary” to end the occupation by coalition forces.


Two Labour MPs attacked the anti-war group, claiming that it sent a “scurrilous” e-mail to its supporters that would strongly imply “support for the so-called resistance and thereby acquiesce in the murders of more people such as Ken Bigley, as well as hundreds of ordinary Iraqis”. The group responded by accusing the MPs of making an unfounded accusation because the draft statement was not sent out.


Harry Barnes, the MP for North East Derbyshire, who opposed the war, tabled a Commons motion urging Stop the War’s leadership to “disavow these outrageous words which will only encourage those who use physical force in Iraq”.


Three other MPs rallied to the campaign’s defence last night by tabling a counter motion. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn and Alice Mahon, and Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat, praised Stop the War for organising anti-war activity in Britain since its formation in 2001 and staging the biggest demonstration in the country’s history last year on the eve of the war.


They added: “The violence in Iraq during the invasion and since the occupation by the USA and Britain has cost the lives of US, British, other coalition and Iraqi service people and an uncounted number of Iraqi civilians.” They said much of the unacceptable violence in Iraq was the result of the occupation and called for a “timetabled withdrawal” of British forces.

Champion of the “oppressed”? Or morally decrepit hypocrite? I report, you decide.

Jenny Tonge, a Liberal Democrat MP, claims £12,000 a year for her flat near Westminster, even though her home is just 10 miles away. She says she needed the flat when the Commons sat late but now feels “slightly guilty”.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media