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Holocaust Memorial Day Trust’s Offensive Video

This offends me as a Jew
goldsmiths antisemitism

The Sands of Antisemitism Are Shifting in the UK

New contributor David Collier feels the sands shifting

Corbyn’s Kindergarten Killers

Political elites cloaking their hatred of Jews behind their support for the so-called “Palestinian” cause

Reader Post: 2016 Divided By 1984

Is there a home for a Jew and a Zionist in the UK's Labour Party?

What In The UK Constitutes Inciting Racial Hatred?

Is there a double standard at play here?

UK Israel Haters Show Solidarity With Terrorist Who Stabbed Young Boy

Evil again on display in the UK

WATCH: Zionists Take Over Leeds

Lucky for Leeds George Galloway is not mayor

Why The British Royal Family Won’t Visit Israel

Prince Charles refuses to visit Israel until "the conflict is resolved," but he has no problems visiting other conflict-rich and human rights abusing countries.

MUST WATCH: The True, Vile Face Of The Israel Hater (Updated)

Antisemitism and calls for genocide on display in the UK

Tuesday Morning Funny: Sex(y) Ed

Introducing Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition in Britain

How To Spot A Jihadist

Two different approaches to spotting a jihadist
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