Those Peaceful Iranians

Iran have responded to US accusations that Iran tops the list of world trouble spots by invoking the “no, you are!” defence..*

President Mohammad Khatami, responding to comments by a senior U.S. official that Iran tops the list of world troublespots, said Wednesday the United States was the country which most endangered global peace.

“We say that America is at the top of the list of countries which are endangering world peace and security and we hope that one day they come to their senses,” he said, adding he thought a change in U.S. policy was very unlikely.
..followed by the “I’ll smash your skull” retort..**
“The cost of attacking Iran is not something that the world can ever bear and a war against Iran will not remain within our borders,” Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr, deputy head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, was quoted as saying by the ISNA students news agency.
“If America wants to invade Islamic Iran it must know that there is no limit to our defense and we have the capability to smash their heads, as with a mallet, wherever we wish,” he said.
Did I mention that Iran claims its nuclear facilities are for only peaceful uses?
Iran denies U.S. and Israeli accusations that its nuclear facilities would be used to make atomic bombs. It says its nuclear ambitions do not stretch beyond generating electricity.
But of course.
* popular amongst schoolchildren
** also popular amongst schoolchildren

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