Iranian Blogger in Israel

In one of the best examples I can think of to demonstrate the real power of the blogosphere, fellow Israeli blogger (and blogware user) Lisa has arranged for an Iranian blogger to visit Israel (!)
The Iranian blogger in question, Hossein Derakhshan, explains his decision to visit Israel:
As a citizen journalist, I’m going to show my 20,000 daily Iranian readers what Israel really looks like and how people live there. The Islamic Republic has long portrayed Israel as an evil state, with a consensual political agenda of killing every single man and woman who prays to Allah, including Iranians.
I’m going to challenge that image.
There are many Iranian Jews residing in Israel now ‚Äìincluding the president and the minister of defense. Many still speak Persian and love where they were born and raised. I’m going to talk to them and show Israel and Iran from their point of view.
Historically, Persians and Jews have mostly lived in peace and have helped one another a great deal. But now, for whatever reason, they are perceived as enemies Рeven though they’ve never actually harmed one other, despite the existence of hard line leaders on both sides.
But now, given Iran’s persistence on its nuclear program (which obviously is a cover for a nuclear weapons program) and the new wave of threats Ahmadinejad is posing to Israel’s existence, the possibility of a harsh response by Israel is higher than ever.
As a peace activist, I’m going to show the Israelis that the vast majority of Iranians do not identify with Ahmadinejad‚Äôs rhetoric, despite what it looks like from the outside.
I’m going to tell them how any kind of violent action against Iran would only harm the young people who are gradually reforming the system and how the radicals would benefit from such situation.
While many people, like me, admire Lisa and Hossein’s actions, there are also those who object. Of course, these are the same people who object to Israel’s very existence, so you can’t please everyone.
If you want to follow Hossein’s visit more closely, you can do so by reading both Lisa’s and Hossein’s blogs. I know I will.

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