UN Comedy Gold

Comedy gold from the UN, with the Security Council issuing a “harsh” condemnation in the wake of Tuesday’s Katusha rocket attack on Israel, while praising the Government of Lebanon.

The UN Security Council, headed by its new Libyan president Giadalla A. Ettalhi, issued a harsh condemnation of the Katyusha rocket attack on northern Israel last Tuesday.


In the statement, the Security Council mentions the strong complaint filed by Israel, in which the country said the rocket fire constituted a violation of Resolution 1701.

The Security Council condemned the rocket launching at Israel, as well as any violation of Resolution 1701. The statement also censured the attack on UNIFIL forces on the same day, in which two Irish soldiers were wounded.

The Council further commended “the determination and commitment of the government of Lebanon to bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack.”

Now that’s funny.

But the real comedic moment is this one:

Libya’s efforts to curb such a statement, claiming that the Security Council should instead denounce Israel’s sorties over Lebanon, were rejected, and Ettalhi was forced to read out the statement himself.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Update: On second thoughts, no need. I’ve found the footage here (requires Real Player).

You can tell he’s hating every second of it.



David Lange

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