Newsflash! – Nahoul the Bee is Dying!


It hasn’t turned up on PMW yet and when it does I’ll link to it but in advance of that, this is such important news I felt I had to bring it to you.


Nahoul is on his deathbed and receiving visits from all his (curiously) human family. He has been reduced to a state of (rotund) starvation by the cruel, monstrous, war criminal Zionist, evil Jew regime of the Israelis. His (surprisingly) well fed looking family can do nothing to alleviate his suffering.

It’s hard to believe. Animal abuse in Palestinian society but this time it is clearly Jews to blame so that is OK.


Footage was shown on Israeli TV News, I didn’t have a translation I could understand but the pictures were clear enough for kids. Oh, and yes, our favourite young pioneer girl was back as anchor.

Aussie Dave says: But I just wrote he was happy. Faulty intelligence?

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