The Sons of Monkeys and Lions


We already know that many palestinians who flooded Egypt did not merely bring back basic necessities. There were also those who brought back weapons, explosives, cigarettes, motorbikes, and televisions.

And lions and monkeys.

While thousands of Palestinians flooded into Egypt to stock up on food, fuel and other staples after militants breached the Gaza border, one man bought a lion cub and a monkey to smuggle back home.

The man managed to reach Cairo and buy the animals despite a heavy security cordon, but Egyptian police caught him at a checkpoint as he tried to sneak them back into Gaza in a small truck carrying furniture, security officials told Reuters on Saturday.

They said the man, whom they did not identify, confessed to wanting to sell the cub and monkey in Gaza.

Nahoul the Bee was unavailable for comment, but was reportedly very happy.

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