The Silverstein Treatment


Another blogger has received the “Richard Silverstein” treatment and has blogged about it here.

The first time I visited his site, he tried to blame Israel for a 20 year-old Palestinian suicide attacker named Mohammed Salem Al-Harbawi, who killed himself and an Israeli woman early last month. Comments between myself and several other people were heated, but not excessively so. However, Silverstein did something I have never seen a web-owner do before. In order to “win” the debate, he misrepresented what I said, and then claimed victory by declaring his own comment section closed so I couldn’t respond to it. To me, that seemed extremely rude, but I figured, it’s his blog after all, and sometimes comments can go on too long. However, I didn’t really understand why he didn’t just use the site controls to shut down comments for everyone instead. But I found out later the real reason he declared it “closed” was because he didn’t like to be challenged on his own site.

Read the whole thing to see Silverstein’s bad behavior, including his tactics of shutting up opponents and threatening them, as I have posted about on numerous occasions.

On one point I have to disagree with the blogger. He refers to Silverstein as a”fairly successful Jewish blogger.”

I wouldn’t go that far.

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