Lame Palestinian Excuse of the Day


Despite the fact that a terrorist group has admitted that the palestinian man killed at Hawara checkpoint on Monday afternoon was intending to blow the soldiers to kingdom come, his parents have a different take.

You see, he wasn’t carrying explosives. It was really a mobile phone.

A really big one.

With a heck of a loud timer.

The Palestinian teenager shot dead on Monday at Huwwara checkpoint south of Nablus in the northern West Bank was carrying explosives to attack Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint, a little known group calling themselves the “Struggle and Return Brigades” announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The group, who are affiliated to Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Brigades, said in a statement that 16-year-old Fahmi Ad-Dardouk was in possession of three explosive devices.


The Dardouk family said that Fahmi left home 24 hours before they identified his corpse in Rafedia Hospital. They said he used to work with his father in a bakery in the centre of Nablus. He left home in the morning and never returned.


Dardouk’s family denied he was carrying explosives, saying the Israeli soldiers killed him in cold blood.

Ad-Dardouk’s father said that his son was going to Ramallah to visit some relatives and his mobile phone was hanging on his belt connected to a set of headphones. He said he was in contact with his son to make sure he crossed the checkpoint safely. In his last call with his father, Fahmi told him that he had crossed the checkpoint.

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