Zionist Death Ninjas


Introducing our latest weapon: Zionist Death Ninjas.TM

Forget the garden variety ninja. Our highly skilled assassins are even deadlier, given they cause pain and confuse the hell out of their victims.

For example, the victims of their latest attack cannot tell whether it was at least 10 ninjas who attacked 3 palestinians, seriously wounding at least one of them

Jewish colonisers attacked and wounded on Sunday three citizens in the West Bank city of south Hebron, local sources said.

They added that ten of colonisers attacked the house of Khalil al-Nawaj’a 70, and his wife Tamam 68, and Ismael 32, and wounded them. The wife was taken to Soroka hospital as her injuries serious.

..6 ninjas who attacked 7 palestinians, rendering one of them unconscious

A group of Palestinian shepherds on Sunday said that six masked settlers attacked them with clubs and rods earlier in the evening near the West Bank settlement of Susya.

Four of the Palestinians were wounded in the incident, one of whom, a woman, was later taken unconscious to the Soroka medical center in Be’er Sheva for treatment. The three others were lightly wounded and received treatment at a hospital in Hebron.

..or some other number who attacked 4 palestinians, causing them all to faint.

Four Palestinians, including a woman, were injured when masked Israeli settlers attacked shepherds on Sunday in the West Bank village of Sussia, south of the city of Hebron.

Shepherds told to the Israeli police, who were present during the attack, that the attackers were Israeli settlers and they beat them with sticks and clubs.

The shepherds fainted and were transferred to Soroka hospital in the Israeli city of Beer Sheva for treatment.

Of course, they are not yet the perfect weapon, given they were not able to render the palestinians sufficiently confused, as evidenced by the fact the palestinians were still able to positively identify their attackers as settlers, despite the fact they were wearing masks.

Update: I almost feel sorry for the palestinians, who also have to contend with the always deadly Zionist Death Boars.TM

Boars released by Israeli settlers from Ariel settlement attacked an elderly Palestinian farmer, 70-year-old Ahmad Ad-Dims, while he was heading to his olive groves near the separation wall in northern Salfit on Sunday.

The farmer said that a huge boar attacked him while en route to his fields at Wadi An-Najjar and he fell off his horse.

He added that the boars were hiding amidst oak trees. When Ad-Dims approached, one of them attacked him. He sustained wounds in his neck and back and he was unable to tend his field because of pain in his spine, he said.

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